Vikas Nehra

Vikas Nehra Voip Technical Specialist Sceptre Communications

Vikas Nehra

Voip Technical Specialist

Started at Sceptre: September 23rd 2014

Skills and Focus:

High Level of Concentration, Commitment and honesty plays a big role for this job. With my background of networking, able to quickly learn new technology and keeping myself up to date with technology, I have a nickname Quick Vik.

Favorite Movie?

‘3 Idiots’ is the best comedy movie I have ever seen. Shows you reality in a way that makes you laugh.

Pet Peeve?

Traffic at McNightmare

Favorite Drink?

Chai tea Latte

If you had a Million Dollars?

 If I had a Million Dollars!, I’ll pay off my loans, get a big house, a Lamborghini,  save rest for the future investment(if any left), and continue working at Sceptre.

BareNakedLadies – If I had a Million Dollars

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