Edmond Chan

Edmond Chan Project Coordinator Sceptre Communications

Edmond Chan

Project Coordinator / Admin

Started this position at Sceptre: January 2018

Skills and Focus:

Before being part of the Sceptre team, Edmond started his journey as a project coordinator for the Calgary Airport Authority New International Terminal Building. With his skill set in quality, project coordinating and an engineering mind, he is looking forward to becoming a strong and positive addition to the team.

Favorite Drink?

I also like to drink water. You won’t see me without my water bottle. =)


I enjoy playing sports especially playing floor hockey recreationally and competitively, Go Oilers Go !!! My other passion are watching lots of anime, K-Drama, J-drama and various TV Shows.  

If you had a Million Dollars?

If I had a million dollars, I would ask for wisdom to use the money wisely. 

BareNakedLadies – If I had a Million Dollars

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