Avaya Ava™

Avaya Ava™

Proactive Customer Service via Any Channel

  • Add Mobile Campaigns that Complement Current Campaigns
  • Deliver Valuable Information While Cutting Costs
  • Collect Revenue Faster and Shrink Recovery Costs

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Re-energize Your Customer Care
It’s estimated there are more than five billion mobile device users globally sending 20 billion texts and 60 billion social networking messages each day. Not surprisingly, consumers are more accessible than ever before and organizations need to know how to interact with them. Avaya can help.

Avaya Ava™ is a cloud AI solution that lets you engage with your customers using social media, chat and messaging channels. Social messaging integration and automation of digital interactions, utilizing Chat Bot and Natural Language Processing (NLP), delivers immediate self-service capabilities to your customers.

Leveraging your applied business rules, and based on the context analysis of interactions, Avaya Ava responds accordingly—with an automated response or connecting to a live agent, for example. In cases where it is appropriate to direct a customer to agent-based customer care, full context of the upfront automated experience is maintained so your customers receive the personalized, efficient customer care expected. Through continued machine learning of all past interactions, Avaya Ava becomes even more efficient with the handling of future interactions.