Avaya IP OfficeTM in the cloud

Avaya IP Office™ in the Cloud

Cloud Delivers Hassle-free Customer Experience Management and Robust UC

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Cloud Delivers Hassle-free Customer Experience Management and Robust UC
  • Leverage the hybrid cloud for seamless integration and migration between your premises-based and cloud-delivered services.
  • Protect your existing investment in installed call control, phones, and more while expanding to the cloud.
  • Maximize the flexibility and scalability of the cloud for business expansion, seasonal capacity, or additional functionality.
  • Minimize disruption to your employees with a common code base between premise and cloud, which means your employees won’t have to learn a new system. Plus, the communications they use in the office will be available on their mobile devices.
  • Utilize an unparalleled full stack solution for rich cloud delivered voice, Unified Communications and Contact Center management.
  • Modernize with minimal technology risk.
  • Protect your business with always on security.

Learn how teaming with Allegiant USA and Avaya’s cloud based solutions has helped the National Association of Basketball Coaches to power a plug and play mobile command center to mirror its home-office capabilities, and keeps the entire team connected and in constant contact.

Learn Why It’s Time To Move Your Unified Communications To The Cloud

It’s time to move your Unified Communication to the Cloud. You need scalability, mobility, manageability, security, and redundancy in your company’s unified communications system. Get all this and more—for less than you ever thought. Learn why team and customer engagement solutions are critical to your growth, how they impact experiences all around, and why the time is now to move your Avaya IP Office solution to the cloud.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center [PDF]

Avaya IP Office Contact Center is optimized for use with Avaya IP Office and delivers blended multichannel capabilities to midsize businesses, allowing them to enhance and expand customer communications.

Avaya IP Office Server Edition [PDF]

For midsize businesses that put a premium on the benefits rich and meaningful engagement can bring to their enterprise, IP Office Server Edition is the answer. Server Edition delivers a wealth of sophisticated collaboration capabilities for your mobile, remote and office workers. It allows you to easily and economically scale to 2,000 users across up to 32 sites. Manage and administer IP Office Server Edition with the speed and ease offered by a simplified web-based interface.

Avaya IP Office™ Select [PDF]

As midsize businesses grow, so does the need for more sophisticated and powerful communications. Avaya IP Office Select enables you to grow easily and cost-effectively. Offers rock-solid reliability and security. Enhances productivity, efficiency and customer engagement. All without putting your limited IT resources to the test.

IP Office Receptionist [PDF]

Receptionists can handle dozens, even hundreds of calls daily, so it’s easy to see how important it is to deploy a phone application that allows for efficient call handling. IP Office Receptionist offers a visual display of incoming calls and call status throughout the business on an easy-to-use PC interface.

Avaya IP Office Collaboration Editions [PDF]

When it comes to business collaboration systems, one size does not fit all. The Avaya IP Office™ Platform provides you with options so you can tailor your collaboration system to best fit your business requirements. Choose from three collaboration editions that provide communications capabilities from basic to highly sophisticated.

OnAvaya | Google Cloud Platform [PDF]

Avaya and Google have collaborated to deliver OnAvaya |Google Cloud Platform, a new cloud-based Customer and Team Engagement solution that’s simple to use, and can be up, running and deployed quickly.

Plantronics Audio Solutions for OnAvaya™ | Google Cloud Platform [PDF]

Plantronics and Avaya provide Contact Center agent and UC solutions for use with the OnAvaya™ – Google Cloud Platform solution. Now, agents and staff can work effortlessly from anywhere. With leading Avaya solutions, coupled with Plantronics innovative, high performing headsets and a Google Chrome device, agents and teams can be instantly productive.

Cloud-Based Communications Solutions [PDF]

Based on IDG research, here’s key information for midsize businesses to consider about cloud-based communications: top challenges to address, must-haves for your solution, flexible deployment options.

Slash Costs. Scale Faster. [PDF]

It’s time to move your UC communications to the cloud, and we’ll give you 10 reasons why. (Spoiler alert: Lower total cost of ownership is only the beginning.) Explore this infographic to see why so many Avaya customers are moving to the cloud for Unified Communications, what their future deployment plans are, and how we can help you do it fast, painlessly, and securely.

What is IP Office cloud? [1:27]

A quick overview of what IP Office in the cloud can do for you

What Can Avaya IP Office in the Cloud do for you? [2:24]

Now, more than ever, growing businesses need the flexibility and mobility afforded by cloud solutions. But reliability matters too, and there’s nothing quite so appealing as a proven solution that offers security to match all that innovation. See why moving to an Avaya cloud solution is easier than ever, regardless of the solution you’re using now.

IP Office Cloud Mobility [1:27]

The mobility benefits of using IP Office in the cloud

IP Office Cloud For Your Business [1:27]

0Thinking about a cloud communications system for your business? IP Office is the right solution.

Migrating to IP Office in the Cloud [1:32]

For customers with an on-premise IP Office thinking about migrating to IP Office in the cloud.

Cloud-Based Options for Midsize Companies

The IDG June 2017 survey of midsize companies shows they’re taking a serious look at cloud-based communications and finding a lot that they like. But each company’s needs and priorities are different, so there are many aspects to be considered. Now you can connect your company’s needs to the flexible options for migrating a midsize company’s communications into the cloud with significant business results at a pace and a price that will fit your comfort level.

Growing The Business Via Cloud Deployments [PDF]

The Avaya Breeze™ Platform is an application platform that allows new capabilities to be added to the Avaya Aura® Platform. It is a single integrated environment that extends across multiple devices and channels, enabling developers to build and deploy communications applications in days without needing detailed communication development skills. Call Intercept Snap-ins are among the most commonly requested application capabilities. This white paper will outline how these Snap-ins can be invoked to support high value customer solutions.

CAPEX vs. OPEX—The Financial Implications of Going Cloud

You have many choices when it comes to how best to enable your customer service agents to engage with customers: Enable agents to work from anywhere, even from home. Opt for contact center solutions to be made available as a monthly subscription. Deliver your contact center technology on premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between.