Shaw Partner Program

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Sceptre’s experienced sales consultants pride themselves as experts on the various services offered by Shaw & can help navigate which is best for you & your client


When your order is placed, we’re assigned a dedicated Shaw project coordinator to ensure your install is completed with the upmost professionalism.


This is a relationship-based program. Any post install issues or billing concerns are handled by the same team who coordinated your order.


Why not get paid for the service you’re recommending? All services ordered through the program are eligible for a commission. Thank you for your trust & support.

What is it?

As a top Shaw Business Partner, Sceptre Communications is proud to offer our Agent Program. This program allows B2B companies who are not Shaw Business Partners to resell the full Shaw product line.

By leveraging Sceptre’s strong relationship with Shaw, tech companies now have a strategy to provide their clients with phone & internet service without the headaches.

  • Consult with Sceptre to understand the best Shaw services for your client’s needs
  • Request a contract & pick an install date
  • Work with your dedicated Shaw PC or let Sceptre do the work for you
  • Sleep easy knowing you can trust a job well done.
  • 3% pay out of total contract value if you manage the install or 1% if we do it for you.

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